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Valentine’s Day is over, but that doesn’t mean I can’t go ahead and wear my heart on my sleeve all year long.  I am a real sucker for an elbow patch, so I wanted to DIY my way into some heart-shaped elbow patches.

Want to follow along?  If you’ve got a few scraps of discarded fabric, you are ready to spruce up an old, discarded or thrifted sweater, cardigan or blazer.  This charming addition to a boring top is sure to make the heart grow fonder.  *wink

Step 1:  Grab some scissors and cut two hearts from your chosen fabric.  I had some scraps of lace that came from this horribly hideous bridal hat:

While volunteering at The Bridal Shop, our resident seamstress had torn a beautiful veil from this hat and sent it flying to the trash.  So, I took it home and tore it apart, which resulted in a bunch of loose floral pieces.  I then sewed those to a fabric backdrop – using just a spare bit of fabric I had laying around – and got to cutting hearts from it.  Think back to the old fold-and-cut method you’ve used to cut hearts from construction paper; it works great here, too.

Step 2:  Pin the hearts to the elbows of your long-sleeve top of choice, and take care that they are lined up with each other.  You may want to slip it on and doublecheck your work in a mirror, making sure they fall where you like them.  I definitely had a bit of trial and error here, getting them lined up just-so.

Step 3:  Lastly, get to affixing.  If you are a pro with a sewing machine, or hand-stitching: go to town.  If you’ve got needle anxiety, there are several great no-sew options like “Liquid Stitch” or an iron-on adhesive, like “Heat’n Bond.”  I went for the sewing machine, but honestly, it wasn’t the best choice for me.  For one, my jacket had a lining and I was sewing right through that, which just seemed like the wrong choice.  Secondly, it was a real b&*ch trying to get the sleeve maneuvered around in there, and I broke a needle in the midst of the attempt.  I mean, no one would know at this point but me, but in my future elbow patch adventures (and oh, there will be many) I’ll stick to glue (pun intended).


Step 4: BONUS step.  I couldn’t stop at the elbow and had to get a little more lacey detail on the front of the coat.  Having learned just a bit, I hand stitched this and avoided the liner.  Plus, like I said, my machine needle was broken and I hadn’t a backup.


 Easy peasy, right?  Now, get out there, flaunt your modified one-of-a-kind piece, and spread the love!


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