Birthday Month 2015

It’s July 2, and you’re probably wondering why I haven’t been back to begin another birthday month of freebies.  Well, for the birthday month followers, I’m about to break your heart.

Will I be indulging in more freebies this year?  Oh yes.  In fact, the coupons have been rolling in steadily and hung on the fridge in the order in which they need to be used (some only allow a two-week window, some give the whole month).  But, ya’all’d be bored if I kept you up to date every day again, because we’re basically looking at all the same deals.  I plan to revisit the Big Boy hot fudge cake, my free venti coffee, and a Cristin-creation stirfry at Mongolian BBQ, just to name a few.  What I don’t plan to do, though, is eat to my little belly’s content; last year I put a little more strain on the scale by the end of my beloved birthday month: Reason number two that I won’t be leading you along in another food frenzied journey.

You guys.  I freaking LOVE birthday month, and I am looking forward to another lovely one.  You, too, could have an amazing birthday month year after year if you follow my lead.  If you want to experience mine, day by day, click back here and scroll down to start at July 1 and go from there to enjoy 31 days of blissful celebration.  If you want a quick list of where you can get a few freebies, read on.  Here’re some of the deals I have received this year, and a “taste” of what you, too, could have:

Big Boy – Free Hot Fudge Ice Cream Cake

Olga’s – Free Dessert

Red Robin – Free Burger

Ruby Tuesday – Free Burger

Mongolian BBQ – Free stirfry meal

Hungry Howies – Free medium pizza

Biggby Coffee – Free coffee

Starbucks – Free coffee

DSW – $5 coupon

Dave & Busters – $10 free game play

Sephora – Some sort of free mini makeup gift

Dairy Queen – Buy one get one medium Blizzard

Baskin Robbins – Free scoop of icecream

Buffalo Wild Wings – 6 free wings

(see why I gained lbs?)

There are a few more that are more Detroit-area specific, so I skipped those, and, I got something from the Melting Pot, but I discarded it.  Last year I also got some eats from Einstein Bagel’s, the Olive Garden, and Carrabba’s, but I haven’t heard boo from them yet this year.  Last year I signed up for Menchie’s (frozen yogurt), but I am here to say that in one year they haven’t sent me one damn thing worth any damn thing, so skip them.

Some new ones I just signed up for but they haven’t made good on yet:  A&W (free rootbeer float!), and Old Country Buffet (free buffet, duh).  I also read that Benihana offers a $30 Bday certificate (Score!), but there isn’t one super close for us so I’ve so far skipped them.  There are many many more – do a little search and you can find some close to you.  Some of the best deals I have are from local places (free meal, with no purchase necessary are my favs!) – so shop around!

Some expert tips:

** In most cases you have to sign up for the establishment’s “club.”   You’ll be getting some other junk throughout the year due to signing up…but small price to pay, no?  I’d suggest possibly even starting a birthday-specific email address to collect all your booty.

**  Make sure you sign up before your birthday month.  Some of them are delayed, so you won’t receive anything until next year if you get on it too late.

**  EXTRA bonus tip:  Sign up preferably during a month halfway across the year.  Many of the clubs will give you a “welcome to the club” coupon, so you can enjoy that in a non-birthday month.  Also, for some of these clubs I’ve received a “happy anniversary” coupon, celebrating the time that I joined the club, so again, you can watch coupons roll in twice in one year.

**Check out local comedy clubs, because there are at least 3 around here that offer a free show (with your friends included) during your birthday month.

You get the idea!  Most any restaurant will give you a free meal or dessert on your birthday, but why stop there when you can enjoy free goodies all month!?  Happy July, peeps!




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