last days of summer in San Francisco

(blog title courtesy of Matt Nathanson’s song of the same name)

Mike collected on his wedding gift by skydiving, and over Labor Day I was able to collect on my wedding gift from him when the Trosiens traveled to San Francisco over Labor Day to see Jason Mraz perform (and oh yeah, do lots of other fun things, too).

My bro Ryan and gfriend Heather flew up from San Diego to hang with us and we all stayed together in a rental condo, hiked it up and down hills all around town, explored, ate and drank like fiends, and had an all around swell time as we signed off on summer.  Check out some pics, featuring our rooftop view, Alcatraz, a roadtrip to Muir Woods (redwoods) and Napa/Sonoma, the science museum, and lots of us being goofy.


in the bucket

A “Bucket List” is basically a list of things you’d like to do before you die.  Mike and I decided to each make such a list, that we’ll then compare and compile and make a master list that we can follow and have some fun with.  Slowly but surely I’ve been building my must-do’s, but it’s fairly short at this point.  I’m of the realization that there isn’t a whole  lot that I feel I HAVE to do before I die.  I googled for inspiration, and it turns out there is a site ( from which I could snipe other people’s life goals.  The ideas there range from “have a mudfight” to “ride a camel in Egypt” to “eat Kangaroo meat.”

What’s on your bucket list?