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Valentine’s Day is over, but that doesn’t mean I can’t go ahead and wear my heart on my sleeve all year long.  I am a real sucker for an elbow patch, so I wanted to DIY my way into some heart-shaped elbow patches.

Want to follow along?  If you’ve got a few scraps of discarded fabric, you are ready to spruce up an old, discarded or thrifted sweater, cardigan or blazer.  This charming addition to a boring top is sure to make the heart grow fonder.  *wink

Step 1:  Grab some scissors and cut two hearts from your chosen fabric.  I had some scraps of lace that came from this horribly hideous bridal hat:

While volunteering at The Bridal Shop, our resident seamstress had torn a beautiful veil from this hat and sent it flying to the trash.  So, I took it home and tore it apart, which resulted in a bunch of loose floral pieces.  I then sewed those to a fabric backdrop – using just a spare bit of fabric I had laying around – and got to cutting hearts from it.  Think back to the old fold-and-cut method you’ve used to cut hearts from construction paper; it works great here, too.

Step 2:  Pin the hearts to the elbows of your long-sleeve top of choice, and take care that they are lined up with each other.  You may want to slip it on and doublecheck your work in a mirror, making sure they fall where you like them.  I definitely had a bit of trial and error here, getting them lined up just-so.

Step 3:  Lastly, get to affixing.  If you are a pro with a sewing machine, or hand-stitching: go to town.  If you’ve got needle anxiety, there are several great no-sew options like “Liquid Stitch” or an iron-on adhesive, like “Heat’n Bond.”  I went for the sewing machine, but honestly, it wasn’t the best choice for me.  For one, my jacket had a lining and I was sewing right through that, which just seemed like the wrong choice.  Secondly, it was a real b&*ch trying to get the sleeve maneuvered around in there, and I broke a needle in the midst of the attempt.  I mean, no one would know at this point but me, but in my future elbow patch adventures (and oh, there will be many) I’ll stick to glue (pun intended).


Step 4: BONUS step.  I couldn’t stop at the elbow and had to get a little more lacey detail on the front of the coat.  Having learned just a bit, I hand stitched this and avoided the liner.  Plus, like I said, my machine needle was broken and I hadn’t a backup.


 Easy peasy, right?  Now, get out there, flaunt your modified one-of-a-kind piece, and spread the love!



Throwback Thursday!

Our pals Ryan and Jaci decided to bring a little one into the world, and I decided that though I know little about babies, I know slightly more about slinging a paintbrush.  So, last August, at their request, I prepped for painting a tree on their nursery wall and with the help of Ryan and Mike (and supervisors, Jaci and Hadley) we created a little something for the baby to grow up with.  The masters at work:


Baby Sawyer showed up to enjoy his new room on September 28, 2014.  Welcome to the world, little guy!



Second Quarter

So, hey everybody.  We’re busy, and we’re neglecting our few, our proud, our followers.  Here’s a few bullet points on what we’ve been up to for the past quarter:


* Opening Day happened!  …And now we’re half through the season.  Oopsie.

* I edited a video for Jack’s Place for Autism, that played in Comerica for the month of April (Autism Awareness Month).  I got to attend the second game of the season on them, at which we had to get a line for the video from Alex Avila.  I shook his hand.  Twice.

* I went to So-Cal and Vegas with the fam.

*Mike stayed home and worked on remodeling our bathroom.  (Still in progress!)

* Mike and I went to Maine/Boston for a sort-of Anniversary trip and to fulfill my lifelong dream of visiting Maine. (sort of a lame dream)

* I got called in for Jury Duty and actually got to serve on a one-day trial

* Mike finished up at Schoolcraft and has moved on to Eastern University to finish his Bachelor’s.

* I started volunteering as a bridal consultant for the Bride’s Project.

* We went to Chicago for a weekend to do lots of eating, oh yeah and go to our nephew’s grad party

* Mike and I have shot a couple of weddings with our friend, Kris.  We judged them.  Ok, probably just I did.

* I took a couple of yoga classes for the first time!

* We went bowling and I beat Mike for the first time ever.  Probably at anything.

* We watched a lot of Shark Tank.

* Mike’s bro, Matt, and he re-faced our fireplace.  (kitchen/family room = complete!)

* I eat chicken a lot more.

* Keypers sits around looking cute,  mostly.

* Mike painted our front door red!  Ooh la la.

…And all in all we got to see some people and do some things and time is flying by.  I hope to post some more in-depth looks at a few of these bullet points and our trips and things.  Any requests?  xoxo.


don’t DIY this

We mentioned in our previous “yay-we-did-it” DIY post that Mike and I dreamt up and built our own giant ceiling light fixture. And as promised, here is a step-by-step on how we did it…

…and how you shouldn’t do the same.


1. Don’t measure your island to determine the size of box you’d like to have. Then, don’t build a giant box out of wood, stain it, and cut three holes in meant for hanging pendant lights.



2. Don’t buy glass jars at any Home Goods, Michael’s or Bed Bath and Beyond, meant for holding kitchen goods. You will not use this in place of a traditional glass pendant light.



3. Now, do not drill a hole in the jar cover so that you can then cut a bigger hole that will accommodate the wiring for the light bulb.



4. Don’t drill more holes around that so that heat can escape.

DSC04757 DSC04755


5. Do not hang this giant thing from the ceiling. Then, do not buy the wiring kits from Lowes or similar, run wiring through your 3 holes, and hook the wiring to the prepped bottles.

DSC04763 DSC04765 

DSC04758    DSC04760


6. Do not put the whole thing together like this:


… or bother making it level…



Do not DIY any of this.

Because you may get out of bed one morning, walk out into the kitchen, and find this: