trosien’s eye view

The Trosiens, as you may well know, spent our honeymoon in beautiful Costa Rica.  There are lots of pics here, and we also took some video whilst flitting around.  It’s not comprehensive, but I’ve compiled some of the sights and sounds into a 10 minute lil video for your viewing enjoyment!

Caution: may cause motion sickness.




costa-rica-mapThe Trosiens honeymooned in beautiful Costa Rica!

Our trip started when we landed in the San Jose airport and then proceeded on a 3-hour drive to the Arenal Volcano area where we spent the first half of our honeymoon in the rain forest.  While there, we made a day-trip to Monteverde cloud forest, before heading to Papagayo in the Pacific beach area for the last half of our trip.  And at the end of the 9 days, we waved goodbye as we flew out of the Liberia airport.

A brief description of our trip can’t do it justice.  Costa Rica in undeniably beautiful and its people were pleasant and welcoming.  We saw a variety of wildlife, both plants and animals, and brushed up on a little bit of Spanish, went ziplining, hiking, and lazed around on the beach and by and in the pool.  We love to visit new places and we are so lucky to have such a unique location checked off the list.  Enjoy a few (dozen) of our pictures! (hover over pics for a little bit more info. on some of them… and click to enter a slideshow)

Standby for a video featuring our ziplinging adventures.