July 22 / 23

My job is such that I sometimes get a free lunch, and I’ve gotten it all week this week.  So, consider that a fill-in for any days I slacked at scoring (like..ok..Tuesday…because that’s the day that I have the most trouble).

BUT, here’s what did happen Tuesday.  They say (the royal “they”) that if you put the vibes out there, things will come to you… if you pay attention, you’ll see God or hear what you need to hear or see what you need to see, or whatever the case may be.  While realizing that this birthday month thing is nothing all that magical, I still have found that my vibes are out there and boomeranging back my way.  Tuesday morning I got a text from my brother, asking me if I wanted any of a stack of books he wanted to be rid of.  Later that day, my personal trainer texted me offering me a free PT session.  She doesn’t even know about birthday month.

Much the same happened Wednesday the 23rd.  In the AM I got a text from a froworker who offered me a BOGO from Bigby.  Yet another free coffee for birthday month, who can turn it down?  AND, totally bizarrely, an email popped up from St. Andrews Hall offering me a free ticket to a concert.  They only gave me a day’s notice, and I’ve got too much to do so I turned that one down.  But still, it was out there.  I hope birthday month vibes go on and on.

Lastly, but not leastly, I had a somewhat impromptu lunch with a friend, Christine, at Royal Oak Brewery, where I used my coupon for a free meal.  For once, it was unequivocally free.  Christine picked up the tip, and I drank water.  Not only that, but true to form, that meal of nachos turned into two more meals.

july23 july 24

Birthday month has been somewhat hard on the waistline, at times.  And many times, oddly, on the pocketbook as well.  What it hasn’t been hard on is morale.  Team Cristin is on a winning streak!









1 year and counting…

Well, we did it.  We made it through the first year of marriage.  One year ago, today, we had the most beautiful day with the gift of weather perfection, the gift of our families and friends, and the gift of each other.  If you’ve forgotten, revisit the day with us here, here and here….oh and here, and photos here, here, herehere, here, and here!!

Now, a few probing questions.  Are we no longer newlyweds?  Can we no longer splatter wedding photos all over Facebook?

I had best intentions to finish our wedding video by this, the 1-year mark.  But, I didn’t make it (maybe next year!) so instead I put together a short look back at some of our vows.  Thanks again to all of you there with us on that day.  To many more…


(music by Ryan Cramer and footage shot by Shane Tincu films)


da holidays

Happy new year to all!

I’ve been negligent in my posting, maybe because the Trosiens had a whirlwind November, December and January, filled with Holiday festivities, traveling, and nearly all of our favorite things.

Over Thanksgiving, we got an extra visit from my bro, Ryan, during which we crammed in a bunch of festivities, including a Turkey Trot 5k (in freezing cold temps!).



December zipped by and Mike and I headed out to Florida for a week.  We started our trip with a chance to be kids again at Walt Disney World.  A brief pictorial –

DSC05024 DSC05132 DSC05144 DSC05145 DSC05165 DSC05195 DSC05218 IMG_3311 IMG_3295DSC05253 DSC05262


We visited all 4 Disney Parks and figure we’ve seen enough to last us a lifetime.  Next stop – the panhandle!  We rented a car and made the 7ish hour trek across the state to visit Mike’s family, where we spent several days hanging out, learning a new card game, driving around, relaxing, eating, and we even made a trip to Alabama to view a million-light light show.

DSC05340 DSC05348

2013 wrapped up as we returned on Christmas Day and welcomed by bro again the day after, followed by more family Christmas festivities.

DSC05448 DSC05452 DSC05433 DSC05436DSC05429 DSC05467DSC05536

And finally, we rung in the New Year by checking something off of Mike’s bucket list.  We froze our toes off at this year’s New Year’s Day Winter Classic – an outdoor NHL Hockey game.



And that’s all, folks!  Notalotta fluff here – just wanted to check in and share a few moments with those of you out there following along. This page looks a little messy to me, but I am just gonna let it fly…. maybe a New Year’s resolution. More on that next time!


Six months after our vows, Mike and I still get emails from Bridal shops…and Bridal shows…and all that is Bridal.  It dawned on me that we could actually still have been planning our wedding.  According to a Huffington Post article I tracked down, 40% of couples have a 13-18 month long engagement, and Mike I would have been at 17 months.  With this realization I turned to Mike and said, “how horrible would it be if we were still planning our wedding??!”  I can’t imagine STILL going through the exhausting planning stages.

Not planning a wedding anymore means I also no longer post any interesting wedding-related articles, so, (speaking of engagment!) here is one for old time’s sake.  While lost in the internet void today, I stumbled upon this spot-on and fun little read.  It’s from 2011, but still applicable.  Enjoy (…whilte walking through a meadow while holding old-timey luggage)…