Second Quarter

So, hey everybody.  We’re busy, and we’re neglecting our few, our proud, our followers.  Here’s a few bullet points on what we’ve been up to for the past quarter:


* Opening Day happened!  …And now we’re half through the season.  Oopsie.

* I edited a video for Jack’s Place for Autism, that played in Comerica for the month of April (Autism Awareness Month).  I got to attend the second game of the season on them, at which we had to get a line for the video from Alex Avila.  I shook his hand.  Twice.

* I went to So-Cal and Vegas with the fam.

*Mike stayed home and worked on remodeling our bathroom.  (Still in progress!)

* Mike and I went to Maine/Boston for a sort-of Anniversary trip and to fulfill my lifelong dream of visiting Maine. (sort of a lame dream)

* I got called in for Jury Duty and actually got to serve on a one-day trial

* Mike finished up at Schoolcraft and has moved on to Eastern University to finish his Bachelor’s.

* I started volunteering as a bridal consultant for the Bride’s Project.

* We went to Chicago for a weekend to do lots of eating, oh yeah and go to our nephew’s grad party

* Mike and I have shot a couple of weddings with our friend, Kris.  We judged them.  Ok, probably just I did.

* I took a couple of yoga classes for the first time!

* We went bowling and I beat Mike for the first time ever.  Probably at anything.

* We watched a lot of Shark Tank.

* Mike’s bro, Matt, and he re-faced our fireplace.  (kitchen/family room = complete!)

* I eat chicken a lot more.

* Keypers sits around looking cute,  mostly.

* Mike painted our front door red!  Ooh la la.

…And all in all we got to see some people and do some things and time is flying by.  I hope to post some more in-depth looks at a few of these bullet points and our trips and things.  Any requests?  xoxo.



da holidays

Happy new year to all!

I’ve been negligent in my posting, maybe because the Trosiens had a whirlwind November, December and January, filled with Holiday festivities, traveling, and nearly all of our favorite things.

Over Thanksgiving, we got an extra visit from my bro, Ryan, during which we crammed in a bunch of festivities, including a Turkey Trot 5k (in freezing cold temps!).



December zipped by and Mike and I headed out to Florida for a week.  We started our trip with a chance to be kids again at Walt Disney World.  A brief pictorial –

DSC05024 DSC05132 DSC05144 DSC05145 DSC05165 DSC05195 DSC05218 IMG_3311 IMG_3295DSC05253 DSC05262


We visited all 4 Disney Parks and figure we’ve seen enough to last us a lifetime.  Next stop – the panhandle!  We rented a car and made the 7ish hour trek across the state to visit Mike’s family, where we spent several days hanging out, learning a new card game, driving around, relaxing, eating, and we even made a trip to Alabama to view a million-light light show.

DSC05340 DSC05348

2013 wrapped up as we returned on Christmas Day and welcomed by bro again the day after, followed by more family Christmas festivities.

DSC05448 DSC05452 DSC05433 DSC05436DSC05429 DSC05467DSC05536

And finally, we rung in the New Year by checking something off of Mike’s bucket list.  We froze our toes off at this year’s New Year’s Day Winter Classic – an outdoor NHL Hockey game.



And that’s all, folks!  Notalotta fluff here – just wanted to check in and share a few moments with those of you out there following along. This page looks a little messy to me, but I am just gonna let it fly…. maybe a New Year’s resolution. More on that next time!

last days of summer in San Francisco

(blog title courtesy of Matt Nathanson’s song of the same name)

Mike collected on his wedding gift by skydiving, and over Labor Day I was able to collect on my wedding gift from him when the Trosiens traveled to San Francisco over Labor Day to see Jason Mraz perform (and oh yeah, do lots of other fun things, too).

My bro Ryan and gfriend Heather flew up from San Diego to hang with us and we all stayed together in a rental condo, hiked it up and down hills all around town, explored, ate and drank like fiends, and had an all around swell time as we signed off on summer.  Check out some pics, featuring our rooftop view, Alcatraz, a roadtrip to Muir Woods (redwoods) and Napa/Sonoma, the science museum, and lots of us being goofy.

trosien’s eye view

The Trosiens, as you may well know, spent our honeymoon in beautiful Costa Rica.  There are lots of pics here, and we also took some video whilst flitting around.  It’s not comprehensive, but I’ve compiled some of the sights and sounds into a 10 minute lil video for your viewing enjoyment!

Caution: may cause motion sickness.



costa-rica-mapThe Trosiens honeymooned in beautiful Costa Rica!

Our trip started when we landed in the San Jose airport and then proceeded on a 3-hour drive to the Arenal Volcano area where we spent the first half of our honeymoon in the rain forest.  While there, we made a day-trip to Monteverde cloud forest, before heading to Papagayo in the Pacific beach area for the last half of our trip.  And at the end of the 9 days, we waved goodbye as we flew out of the Liberia airport.

A brief description of our trip can’t do it justice.  Costa Rica in undeniably beautiful and its people were pleasant and welcoming.  We saw a variety of wildlife, both plants and animals, and brushed up on a little bit of Spanish, went ziplining, hiking, and lazed around on the beach and by and in the pool.  We love to visit new places and we are so lucky to have such a unique location checked off the list.  Enjoy a few (dozen) of our pictures! (hover over pics for a little bit more info. on some of them… and click to enter a slideshow)

Standby for a video featuring our ziplinging adventures.