The Brides Project & Oops, it’s June

So, it’s June and that means it has been four months since I’ve posted.  Oops.

But here’s some great news – The Brides Project got a mention in a Detroit Free Press article, which was then picked up by USA Today.

Go read it!

Calling all brides out there in the webosphere, if you’ve got a gown that you would consider donating, would you contact me for more information?  It’s a great idea, but “don’t just take my word for it.”  Check out with this bride had to say about donating.






The Brides Project

The birth of this blog was with the planning of a wedding, and though the blog could have then ended as of our big day on April 27 of 2013, the blog keeps marching on (hobbling on…).  If you remember, or if you don’t, we DIY’d our wedding all over the place, and I was immersed in the plans for the better part of the year leading up to our day.  I kind of loved it.  It was stressful (duh) and tiring and overwhelming and all of the things that every bride knows well, but it was also a little fun and a lot right up my alley.  Since then, I’d missed it a little tiny bit.

Can I please plan all of the weddings for all of the brides?

So, when an opportunity popped up for me to get a little taste of weddings now and then, I decided to go for it.  Around March of last year I signed on to volunteer with an organization called “The Brides Project.”  TBP collects donated bridal gowns and resells them via their storefront at a considerable discount.  All proceeds go to the Cancer Support Community of Greater Ann Arbor, an organization in Ann Arbor that offers support, education, and programs for those with cancer.  Brides get a crazy reasonable dress (50% or more off retail price) and the money goes to a great cause.  Win win!  The idea is based off of an organization by the same name in Toronto, Canada.

When I was a bride, THE DRESS was one of the things I looked forward to the most, and in the end I bought not one but two dresses.  I never visited The Brides Project but if I had known more about it, I definitely would have.  Now, I get to volunteer at the shop as often as I want as a consultant, helping other brides pick out, slip into, and hopefully fall in love with and buy their dream gowns.  I love helping them choose something perfect for them, and I love reliving my own experience over and over.  And I most of all love that it goes to a greater good.

If you happened to have stumbled across this blog, are in Michigan (or close!) and need a bridal gown, make an appointment to visit me or another volunteer consultant and we’ll help you find the dress for you!  Already have your gown?  Consider donating to a great cause and of course, it’s tax deductible.






Six months after our vows, Mike and I still get emails from Bridal shops…and Bridal shows…and all that is Bridal.  It dawned on me that we could actually still have been planning our wedding.  According to a Huffington Post article I tracked down, 40% of couples have a 13-18 month long engagement, and Mike I would have been at 17 months.  With this realization I turned to Mike and said, “how horrible would it be if we were still planning our wedding??!”  I can’t imagine STILL going through the exhausting planning stages.

Not planning a wedding anymore means I also no longer post any interesting wedding-related articles, so, (speaking of engagment!) here is one for old time’s sake.  While lost in the internet void today, I stumbled upon this spot-on and fun little read.  It’s from 2011, but still applicable.  Enjoy (…whilte walking through a meadow while holding old-timey luggage)…

you’re someone else’s now

Probably only one outfit does a woman wear but once, her beautiful, special, painstakingly chosen wedding gown.  And I’ve officially said “bon voyage” to mine, sold to a bride in NYC.  What a mix of emotions when I got the message that it had sold, and while packaging it up and sealing the box, and leaving it in the hands of UPS.  So glad that someone else can enjoy it, and that it won’t just sit in a box waiting for … what? …  yet sad to let it go.

Screen shot 2013-10-20 at 9.54.24 AM

To Kacey S., please treat her well.  Where her proudly and carefully, but don’t be afraid to get her a little dirty.  And may your day in this gown be only the first beautiful day of many more beautiful days…


we’re famous. or something.

The modern-day bride spends hours upon hours surfing wedding blogs…  Blogs are the new Brides magazines are the new bridal bible.  I was no different than all the other DIY brides, poking around on every Pinterest-worthy blog out there, trying to get inspired for our own handspun affair.

Thanks to the creative combination of my own ideas with borrowed ones, we formed our very own blog-worthy shindig.  Our photographer, Leah Moss, PR’d our wedding all over the web and got us published on several blogs.  I can only hope that our wedding will serve as inspiration to a whole nother crop of future DIYers.  If you haven’t already seen enough of us, follow the links below to see where we’ve been blogged about.  Pretty cool!


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